Losing your virginity…

How was it for you? Friend, lover, stranger? Celebration, exploration or betrayal?   Unmitigated disaster or the time of your life? Comedy or tragedy? Tea or wine? What colour were the curtains – or the sky? A climax? An anticlimax? Without these beginnings humanity could not continue. An Ancient Rite or just a Stab in the Dark?

Osip Theatre presents true stories of losing virginity, including the experiences of current Latitude Festival goers. We have been doing interviews here at the Festival over the last 3 days – is the next story yours?


Directed by Polly Findlay
Stage Manager Sarah Tryfan/Vicky Eames


Joseph Kloska, John Cummins, Lily Bevan,
Lorna Beckett, Lizzie Winkler, Hywel John,
Ollie Pengelly, Sophie Scott

Booking Details

Latitude Festival
King’s Head Theatre
115 Upper Street, Islington,
London N11QN
Box office 0844 209 0326
The Calder Theatre Bookshop
51 The Cut, London SE1 8LF


Latitude Festival July 17th-19th
The Kings Head Theatre – Sunday July 12th

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